"Constellations" feature a series of small red price tags in what now feel like seemingly improbably, if not impossibly, small sums coupled with commercially fabricated signs.

The tags in "Constellations" range from 3 cents to the high end of $1.59 and are arranged in small groupings, or constellations, throughout the exhibition space. Blue enamel signs highlight or identify specific elements within the clusters either individually or as a group. Together they present the viewer with layered economies and specificities of value and location. Additionally, the blue signs mimic the explanatory arrows one might encounter in a planetarium, pointing at times and places that are not immediately accessible.

Rothenberg's installations and public projects often employ social movements, politics, and history to interrogate political engagement, memory and social dialog. In her projects, we find the familiar and instructive such as news papers, protest placards or public signage reformed and rewritten and to draw our attention the assumptions that animate the world around us.

See also: www.schalter-berlin.com

Constellations at Schalter, Berlin