This speculative dialogue slips between cultures: Romanian, American, and Roma, stretching from Chicago to Bucharest and the Transylvanian village of Igishu Vechi. A constellation of images and writing (letters, theoretical texts, excerpts from Skype conversations) all tethered within the wider landscape of feminist geographies. Distance and Proximities is a meditation on dislocations and possible connections, the restless propositional spaces of home and studio, and the failures of representation.

The interweaving of texts, images, and questions challenges the dominant view of traditional Roma communities as outsiders, demonstrating that they are co-creators of their environment, and of the larger society. Distance and Proximities makes clear that significant connections can be made with these communities, and their inclusion in the larger social and cultural conversation is essential to the international community.

Distance and Proximities was presented at UNA Galeria, The National University of the Arts in Bucharest with the participation of Roma actress and playwright Michaela Dragan and Romanian artist Delia Popa. The program was sponsored by a grant from CEC Artslink.