solo exhibition at Sector 2337, Chicago
May 9 – July 3, 2015

elsetime, a solo exhibition by Ellen Rothenberg, curated by Caroline Picard and presented by Green Lantern Press at Sector 2337 in Chicago. Featuring new work in a wide range of media from photography, performance, and installation, elsetime examines the difficulty of artistic lineage exploring history’s dislocated presence. Central to Rothenberg’s artistic retcon is the image of her walking in the study of Bertolt Brecht. Rothenberg expands from there, refracting through additionally (and personally) significant figures like choreographer Simone Forti and writer Stefan Brecht; along with temporally specific locales like post-war Berlin, Woodstock, and downtown New York. Layering sites, shifting historical moments, and personae, elsetime is the material culmination of the artist negotiating, inserting, and revising past and future selves in the present now. A series of public programs entitled Not to be Taken is an additional element of elsetime.

Not to be Taken, a performance series invites select artists and thinkers to publicly use elsetime as a generative studio space in which to engage questions about legacy and politics, place and time, through discrete actions; these subjective, ephemeral responses momentarily transform the exhibition with the performer’s unique potential. A public conversation and discussion with scholar and art historian Hannah B. Higgins and visual culture theorist and photographer Shawn Michelle Smith was a central part of the programming for the exhibition.

excerpted from press materials Sector 2337
curator: Caroline Picard