CARPA (The Craft Advanced Research Projects Agency) solicited research proposals, which investigate innovative approaches to craft, devices, and systems for a series of field exercises near Joshua Tree, California. Camp Carpa was located on five acres of desert land that border the 29 Palms Marine Base, Bureau of Land Management property, and the US Air Force Afghan Test Village.

The framework of Camp CARPA was a site-specific symposium and exhibition. Over a week in October 2013 thirty artists, writers, curators, and a Los Angeles based underground radio station KCHUNG converged on Camp Carpa for a series of: ‘Briefs’ (lectures and performances from experts in the field,) ‘Challenges’ (exercises in strategic creating,) and ‘Deployments.’

The Future Force Geo Speculators (FFGS) proposed a deployment located at a critical juncture in the dessert terrain with vantage points for surveillance of the following settlements: Camp Carpa and the Afghan Village. This included joint maneuvers geared towards visibility: the development and production of dazzle camouflage uniforms, the fabrication of prototype viewing platforms, and a series of training actions to be rehearsed on the proving grounds of Camp Carpa during the testing period.

The Future Force Geo Speculators view the landscape as a site of accumulated histories, a site of knowledge of what’s come before. As self-proclaimed sci-fi feminists, The Future Force Geo Speculators intend to deploy feminist actions in contemporary art and craft and imagine the future. We are dedicated to the intoxication of working without expectations of outcomes.

"Strength lies in improvisation. All the decisive blows are struck left-handed."

--Walter Benjamin “One Way Street and Other Writings”