The D-Ride provides the civic service of free transportation for all of Albuquerque's citizens and visitors. The buses pass along their downtown route linking businesses, arts organizations, and municipal offices, the train station and convention center.

Within the context of textile production, this circular bus route threading through the downtown grid of streets, weaves and stitches Albuquerque together, reconstituting the life of the city and it's people each day.

Sponsored by 516 Arts and the ABQ Ride for the exhibition "Unraveling Tradition"

"Finally, Ellen Rothenberg turns the grid of a city and the movement of communities through and across its streets into a physical metaphor for the way a shuttle passes through the warp and weft of a woven textile, or the embroidered line that works between the gaps in those threads. ... Rothenberg reminds us of the structures of the most basic of embellished woven forms through work that is simultaneously linked to current issues in moving installations and art practices out of the gallery or museum into the world-at-large."

--"The Location of Tradition" by Namita Gupta Wiggers,
Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Craft
"After Images" exhibition catalogue

Loop at 516 Arts