"Something More than Night," was a collaborative project with writer and performer Terri Kapsalis, writer, producer and curator John Corbett, and horticulturalist Steve Meyer. The installation was programmed by The Experimental Sound Studio at The Lincoln Park Conservatory, curated by ESS Director Lou Malozzi, and sponsored by the Chicago Park District.

"Something More than Night" was an installation, a series of visual and sonic mini-events sited throughout The Conservatory's greenhouses. These events were hidden in the ponds and the exotic plantings of the Conservatory. Radios, suitcases, high heels, and umbrellas were surrounded by carnivorous plants, hidden in ferns, and floated on Amazon water lilies. "Something More than Night" suggested a noir-like mystery with the viewer as detective, searching for what's hidden in the darkness of the foliage and echoing from the corners of the Conservatory. Building on the exotic, steamy atmosphere of the Conservatory, "Something More than Night" shifted between the botanical spectacle of The Conservatory and the fragmentary narratives of sounds and visuals.

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